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Wednesday, September 13, 2006


I had a good day today, up to a point. I got a lot of work done and am now able to see most of my desk for the first time in months. I came up with a new way to save information on the scanner and everything was going just fine. Then I drove over to the storage space with a huge load of boxes in my car and found out that we were late on our payment and I couldn't get in until it was paid. I was pissed for a moment and then thought what can I do? I called the office and found out the mail hadn't gone out yet and the payment was in it. I asked them to hold it, went back to the office and picked it up. Went back to the unit and paid the bill and drove through the gates and up to our space, unlocked the car and went to unlock the unit and that's when I found out the key wasn't on my key ring anymore. I know after going to 3 places and having two sets of key made (that didn't work) and then going to a real locksmith and having the keys made with the lock there....that I had put the damn key on my keyring. But, it was gone now. Luckily I had made one extra key....just in case I lost my keys, which has happened before. So, I went back to the office and got the extra key and back to the unit and finally got the boxes stored. Through out this experience I was thinking about how this would have previously given me a reason to drink. Not this time, or so I thought. I then proceeded to drive downtown to do one more errand for the boss. Upon finding the company and parking and going inside, I then found out that the boss had ordered 5 stamps and given me a check for just one. So typical of the communication problems plaguing our company. They, of course, wouldn't give me the one stamp...I had to pay for all 5. So, I left them there and as I got in the car I thought, this is enough to drive me to drink. And then I realized I was just a few blocks from Spec's. This is one of the largest liquor warehouses in Houston. Maybe Texas. A great place to shop if your not an alcoholic. Strike that. A great place to shop if you are an alcoholic! They have great food, munchies, snacks, every kind of liquor you've ever thought of and probably a few more you haven't. I think they have beer too. I know they have wine and fine cigars. Who could ask for anything more? Certainly not me. I did my HALT thing. Told myself I didn't need to drink to relax. Came home and ate two popsicles and took a nap and now I've gone to the grocery store and I'm cooking dinner and there is no way I'm drinking tonight!! AA keeps working for me.


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