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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Was just thinking about my trip

and thought I'd share one of my experiences. I called my friend Bellotti up and we agreed that I'd come for a visit on Tuesday at 2 pm. He said to come hungry as they were going to cook for my benefit. I drove the 18 miles to his place and arrived at 1:50 pm. No one home. Waited, patiently, till 2:20 pm and then started for home. Wasn't mad at I would have been before I quit drinking. I called several times on the way home, hoping they'd arrive and if I wasn't more than half way to home I would have turned around. No go. Yesterday, I got an email from them but with no mention of the incident or lack there of. I emailed them back and asked why they haven't phoned or emailed me with at least a partial explanation of why I was stood up. I'm still not mad or hurt and I hope nothing bad happened to them and that's why they haven't gotten in touch. At least now it's not all about me but more about them. Ha. I hope I do hear from them soon. Well, gotta go to work and stop the panic. It's so nice to be missed.


Blogger NMAMFQLMSH said...

And I did miss you.
I see you,

7:04 AM  

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