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Monday, May 29, 2006

Tomatoes Galore

Yesterday, Jewel and I took a little field trip out 249 and got off on Louetta and drove a few miles down to a sign that said "Fresh Vegetables". She had scoped it out on her way home from work one day and I was in the mood for a little road trip and some veggies. We drove back this paved driveway, across a cattle guard and on to a gravel drive and across another cattle guard and into this pasture that had a nice older home in the center of it. Pulled up to the garage and their was C.P., the owner of the farm. Nice gentleman, 83 years young and one of the most talkative people I've run into in a long time. I got some great tomatoes and a cucumber and Jewel did too. C.P. is looking forward to June 10th when he'll try to win a prize at a local nursery for the best vegetable basket. He took us in his house and showed us some of his prize 2 lb. Tomatoes. One would be a meal. He took us through his garden and recited the name of each every kind of vegetable he had grown. He's a firm believer in Miracle Gro. We had a nice time and could sure tell the man was hungry for company. If anyone's interested he has a 1986 Lincoln Continental with 40,208 miles on it. It's in perfect condition and he would take $9,000 for it. Too bad I just got a new car. Ha. It was a most enjoyable shopping experience.


Blogger dAAve said...

I checked the Blue Book value on that car, with that mileage in excellent condition ... $1275
I believe I'll pass on this deal.

9:10 AM  
Blogger lash505 said...

Damn the gang bangers in LA will pay at least $18,000.00

12:42 AM  
Blogger NMAMFQLMSH said...

Sounds great.
I see you,

6:23 AM  

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