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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Well, I'm in Bellefonte now.

That's just outside of Penn State University. I'm visiting my friend Corene and her 8 or 9 cats, 1 dog, 6 chickens and two goats. I'll be here till Thursday morning and then I'm driving back to Butler and then in the afternoon to Pittsburgh for my niece Maeve's graduation and then home again. On Friday morning I go back to Pittsburgh to visit with my brother and his wife until Saturday afternoon when I drive back to Butler and pack and get on the road Sunday morning around 4 or 5 am. Then it's just one day at a time until I get home to Houston. I've only had a few times here where I felt like drinking and I didn't. Yesterday, my Mom had me go up to the bar and get her a beer and then I brought it back (without tasting it) and set on the table with the 3 other beers that were already there for the others at the table. I got a little miffed for a few seconds cause I couldn't join in but then I got over it. I did have to distance myself from all the drinking for a bit until I felt strong again. Didn't take long. I remember how easy it would be to go back to the way I was. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!! I miss my dog and my job. I think I'll be back home Tuesday or Wednesday. I don't have to go to work until the following Monday. I probably will go sooner though...I just know there's a pile of stuff there waiting for me. I can start saving up for my next vacation which will not be in Pennsylvania! This is the only place I ever go and I'd like to go somewhere different for a change. Maybe Florida or New Mexico. Oh well, that's at least 6 months away. Well, I've got to go. I'll let you know when I'm really back. Later.


Anonymous Philip H. said...

Too bad the HotDog Shoppe is gone. Where in Butler did you grow up? I lived on Carbon Street (Institue Hill) graduated in '68. Remember Miss Bell? Mr. lockwood? They all helped me come out while I was in Jr. High.

All the best.

10:23 AM  
Blogger dAAve said...

thanques for checking in, instead of checking out

6:27 PM  
Blogger NMAMFQLMSH said...

Distancing yourself is a cool thing to do. I do it all the time. I still get sort of pissed off when I'm around people who can drink "normally". lol.
I see you and I'm glad you are having a good time.

4:31 PM  

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