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Sunday, August 14, 2005


This is a pretty good picture of my brother, sister and I. I found out something important on my trip home a couple weeks ago. Some of you remember last year around this time I was in the hospital, in a coma and things were not looking too bright. I've spent the last year in therapy and a lot of my therapy centered around why my family didn't come here from PA to stand at my side. I really just figured it was just the way it was. How else would a dysfunctional family act? Maybe they really don't love me enough to come all the way here. After all, I'm the absent brother, the one who moved away. Maybe absence doesn't make the heart grow fonder. Maybe I'm not worth it. All of these thoughts have gone round and round in my brain. Well, I found out on this trip that Mom had almost immediately started planning on coming here and then my sister-in-law said she was coming too. Then my sister who was just about to get married said she was coming too. I'm getting teary eyed just typing this. It means so much to me that they wanted to come! Seems Ken who was my primary executor told them not to come as he would keep them well informed, daily and that they would just fly down here and only be able to spend 10 minutes a day with me. He would let them know if there was any bad changes in my status and then they could fly down for ....The end of me. I was in that bad of shape. It's odd the things people take for granted. I try not to take anything for granted anymore. I try to have gratitude. Every day. I'm glad to be here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Larry, remember this one the next time you are about to talke a drink. QN

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