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Friday, July 29, 2005

Don't Worry I'm Not in Jail

This is one of the sights I found while driving in my home town this morning. At first I thought it was a stage production of something and then I noticed the razor wire all around the building. I started laughing. I'm so used to the bright orange jump suits the convicts wear in our large city. I'm still chuckling.

On the way to the airport we got lost. We went one exit too many and after much driving around we finally ended up right back where we started. Did make it to the airport by 10:30 and my plane was supposed to start boarding at 10:55 am.. Unfortunately, going through the security check point the metal plate in my ankle set off the alarm. I was patted down, had to take off my shoes. I was worried I'd get strip searched. Couldn't remember which pair of underwear I was wearing. Hoped it wasn't the pair with the ruffles. No such luck. No stripping necessary. Thank God! I've been passing that ankle through check points for 6 years and this was the first time that ever happened. So after that as I'm walking to the gate I hear my name being announced over the loudspeaker and start running for the gate. Almost enough to make me want to give up smoking. Panting, I reach the gate. I'm the last one on board. I should have taken it as a sign of what was to come.

My first experience with Midwest Express was both good and bad. The plane was nice enough and the seats were great. Nice soft leather with plenty of butt room and leg room. Very comfortable. Flight itself was as smooth as one would expect from a large plane. I got on just before 11:00 am and expected to take advantage of their advertised gourmet cuisine. They offered two amazing dishes for $10 each and some turkey breast tapas for $5. This plane seated 100 but there were only 56 passengers. They ran out of food before they got to me and the 7 other people in my area. I was extremely pissed. I really felt like screaming something about hijackers but sanity and AA helped me keep my tongue. I was a bit rude to the woman serving, or not serving me. I did apologize a little while later. We landed at 2:15 pm and I had enough time to get a decent lunch at the airport before I caught my next plane. This was the 30 passenger one. One seat on one side and two on the other. They were overbooked by two people and so we were 40 minutes late boarding because they had to coerce, beg someone to take another plane. If I'd had a cell phone I would have called my Mom and told her to wait and I'd take another plane. Reward was a round trip ticket any where Midwest flys. Maybe next time. Ride was OK but it was cramped. Got to sit by a colonel in the National Guard. We talked airplanes the whole way. I'm surprised by what I remembered about planes from when I was a kid. I was really into them back then. He was a nice guy and made the flight more enjoyable. Met Mom and Bob who had been searching for me for quite some time as they didn't remember to write down the name of the airline I was coming in on. (sound familiar Norris?) LOL So, I'm home and I'm glad. Lot's to do. I've checked on Max and he is OK at the kennel.

I will be writing a letter to Midwest Airlines about their advertisement of "Best Care in the Air". I don't think going hungry is what they had in mind. Thanks for listening guys. L.


Blogger dAAve said...

You had the Midwest version of
The South Beach Diet.

7:04 PM  
Blogger doughgirl said...

LMAO dAAve you kill me. Hope all is well Larry, dont forget to call :)

2:24 PM  
Blogger Grace said...

Glad you made it there and back! :-)

9:46 AM  

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