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Friday, May 13, 2005

Growing Up, We Heard These:

I've been sitting here remembering some of the silly sayings I heard while growing up in Pennsylvania. I don't know that these were heard only by Pennsylvanian's from my area or if they're just some of the sayings passed down from family to family.
"Cute as a Dickens" Other than the cute I have no idea what it means but it must have been all about me.
"If your not good we'll give you back to the Indian's". Turns out we do have Cherokee blood in our veins. Was that a threat? I think I would have liked living in a tepee.
"Let's have Party eggs!" This one's easy. That was Grandma Aunt Betty. She always knew how to turn everyday things into an event. Her party eggs consisted mainly of scrambled eggs with pieces of bacon and toast mixed in. That was all but she made such a big production out of the creation that we all loved it!
"Wait till your father gets home, boy your gonna get it." I can't remember Dad ever having the energy to deal with us when he got home in the early years and in my later years he was often drunk and not in the mood to deal with us. Not everytime though.
"I'm going out back and cut a switch and your gonna get it!" And Mom would, by the time she resorted to going outside for that switch, Lance and I had worked her last nerve. What's good about that was that while she was out in the backyard pruning the bushes for that perfect switch, we were stuffing magazines down the backs of our pants. She'd come in rare'in to go and wail at us all over our back sides and we'd scream bloody murder and cry and beg and promise we'd never do "it" again. Mom would run out of steam and we'd run upstairs wiping the tears of laughter off our faces and roll around on the floor upstairs laughing loudly about our trick. She'd yell from downstairs that she could hear us and she was coming up! She never did. She's mentioned in the past years that she was a bad mother for doing that to us but you know, we all turned out pretty good (except for me and my alcoholism, homo-sexuality and spelling/grammar). And there is no one who could deal with my little brother and I when we got going. "It was all his fault!" "He did it first!" "I didn't do it!" "He made me do it!"


Blogger Scott W said...

My mom used to make us go and get our own switch. It had to be off the forsythia bush as it had long, very pilable branches. She would whip our legs, making us dance in an absurd way. She would then keep that switch on top of the refrigerator for the rest of the day...just in case.

2:56 PM  
Blogger dAAve said...

You're one of them heauxmeaux-sexyouuals?

8:22 PM  

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