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Saturday, April 30, 2005

My Dream Apartment

I just woke up from a nap and realized I've been dreaming about a party I was having in my apartment. No booze being drunk that I can remember. I just remember a lot of good looking people, girls in dresses and guys in slacks and nice shirts all with clean cut features. A bit of jewelry here and there. No offense to anyone but not my usual crowd. Ha. This apartment was ground floor with double doors opening out onto the courtyard. I remember lots of white walls (no nicotine stains or hand prints) and blond woods through out. Danish Modern and Ikea I expect. To the right of the entry way was a waist high plaster and wood divider with translucent plastic strips hanging down from the ceiling, (like hanging blinds) but with artfully placed blue spot lights shining on them. Beyond the divider was one of the living areas. Large picture window looking out on the court yard. A view of the grill and the pool. White panel curtains (no sign of the usual dog hair) and a stereo system playing jazz (of course). Ah oh, I just remembered Martini glasses with olives. I'm sure I wasn't drinking. To the right of the entry way was a medium size bedroom and adjoining bath. Nothing fancy just serviceable. Straight up the hallway to the kitchen (small but efficient lots of Tara cotta and Navy Blue colors) and a small dining room off to the right. To the left of the kitchen is a den/office/family room. Another big window. Straight off the back of the kitchen is a bricked in private courtyard with a few lounge chairs and lots of flowers and plants. A little private sun deck area (to get rid of that tan line I expect) and a small fountain. I don't remember a laundry room so I guess the maid would take care of that, yeah right. Hey it's a dream!
So I sometimes wonder where all this stuff comes from. If I think about it I realize that I'm about to start a job and extra money will be coming in and eventually I might actually move from this one room apt. That I've been living in for 6 years. I'm at the age where I now think that the next time I move will be the last time and it had better be perfect. I was watching TV, the Jag episode I recorded last night, earlier and Harm had that lucite divider in his apt., also I visited HP's mom the other day with him and his 1960's boyhood home, I think, that's where my brain got the courtyard scene and maybe the living room too. Heck maybe even the kitchen too. Nice house. I loved the windows in that house. Privacy with natural light can't be beat. So anyway, it's a dream but it's not unattainable now that I'm sober. It's like now I realize that my life isn't over which is the way I've been living it since I left my hospital job 10 years ago. I figured I'd never do anything important with the time I had left. Alcohol was the great escape. Not that great as it turns out.
I have to add that I really do like where I'm living now. It's small but cozy, lots of light and a completely fenced in courtyard that I plant and play in and the dog has all the room he needs to be happy. There's no reason to move right now and I can't see any reason to in the near future. But it's ok to dream.


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