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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

My alcoholic Mind

Today I was sitting in traffic without AC waiting patiently for the line to move while I contemplated my day at work. I'd just finished my first week of work after being unemployed for so long. So I move along and at some point I think, "Boy, it will be nice to get home and have a drink". About 20 seconds later I realized what had just happened. I went back to my old way of thinking, the old way I used to feel on my way home from work when I was still drinking. I used to think that once I was home and had that first Vodka/Tonic everything would be fine. It used to be that when I got home my dog wouldn't greet me or would my neighbors. They all knew that I'd be too mean and grumpy until I had a few drinks under my belt. So much has changed. Now my dog greets me heartily and the neighbors aren't afraid. I still look forward to getting home but not just so I can drink the world away. I'm glad to be out in the world. I'm glad to be working and doing some service for someone other than myself.


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