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Friday, April 22, 2005


This young lady told her story on Wednesday. She's so cute and kind of ditzy and funny, I was really looking forward to hearing her. It was nothing like I expected. Who would have thought that sweet young girl would have a life story like this? Not me. Everyone laughed through her discourse. At first I was angry because I thought they were laughing at her and not with her. Yes some of it was funny. I've since decided it was more like nervous laughter from the crowd. And it affected me in ways I've yet to figure out. I was so close to tears when she was finished that I could only hug my sponsor and run for the car. Luckily I was due to meet my therapist 30 minutes later and so I got to talk about it and see what was really going on with me. Sometimes I think that my story will be so boring no one will be able to stay awake for the whole 45 minutes. I've never been arrested, raped, mugged or kidnapped. Well I have hit my own personel bottom so I guess it could be interesting to someone. I've been thinking about the telling of my story more and more lately. I've heard more than a few in the past 1 year plus some months. At least 52. I can't do any worse than some I've heard. Right? Right. I'll keep thinking about it.....


Blogger dAAve said...

Don't complain to me that you haven't been arrested, mugged, raped or kidnapped YET. Give it some time.

Remeber that telling your story is another way - a great way, I might add -- to perform service work. You never, never know what or when you may say something that might help another person trying to recover. To keep that bottled up, if asked to tell your story, might even be considered a selfish act. Ask any of those who have told their story - it's a great experience and one none of use would ever want to take back.

6:20 PM  
Blogger Scott W said...

I agree with Dave. When I was asked to tell my story it was ten minutes before the meeting started. I had no idea what I would say. It was very liberating for me and I never felt more a part of the fellowship than I did when it was over.

10:26 PM  
Blogger dAAve said...

I agree with Scott.


7:48 AM  
Blogger doughgirl said...

I agree with both

I always thought my story was blah until I had to tell it. It was only then I truly realized the amount of crap that one alcoholic can go through and not hit bottom or realize that we have.

Since then Ihave been asked to tell my story on several occasions. My sponsor always said that If I was asked, I should, so I do.

Do tell :)

11:19 PM  

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