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Saturday, September 10, 2005


One of the two sisters who live across from me just got a new car. She's had it for about 8 days and today she backed into another car and left a small dent on her new baby. Makes me remember my last new car. A 1996 Honda Civic Hatchback. Black and hot looking. Boy I loved that car. Got my first speeding ticket driving down 59 heading for a fix from my coke dealer. Ah the good ole days. Parked it in front of the drycleaners and came out and the whole side was crushed in. Took the money from the insurance and bought drugs, I think. Didn't get it fixed at any rate. The next year my disability ran out and I called and had the car picked up instead of hiding it while they tried to reposesse it. I still get bills for the $5,000 dollars they say I owe. Ah the good ole days. LOL. I still pay what I can to whomever I owe money to, but it's never enough. I've lived with this for the past 10 years while I was drunk and I'm finding that being sober means I still have to live with it. It didn't go away when I got sober like I thought or hoped it would. Every so often people recite the part of the Big Book that says we will achieve fiscal responsibility. I'm still waiting. My sponsor QN said he doesn't lend money he needs. I still owe him a couple hundred dollars and it really chaps my hide! Love that saying. I so want to pay him (at least him) my debt. He's been my rock in this quest to remain sober. I appreciate and love him for his commitment to me. Inspite of my continuing Leo tendencies.


Blogger Grace said...

From one who knows, debt takes a LOT longer to get out of than into but if you keep chipping away at it, it gets paid off and boy, thats a feeling worth waiting for!

1:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chip away, Larry. N

9:17 AM  

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