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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

I've Decided to go Back in Time.....

Not too far back, just to Jan. 12, 2004. That was the day I decided to quit drinking. I'm writing this today to show all of you who are still going back out and drinking and drugging that you can quit. Honest to God, if I can you can. Back then I started a journal so I'd remember just how it felt to quit and why I wanted to. Here goes....

Jan. 12, 2004 I wanted to get this all down so I can look back and remember exactly what I went through to get sober and stay that way. Today I said "I quit"! After drinking and partying for about 3 months. My last party session lasted 3 straight days and nights. I've spent most of the time the house drinking with several forays to either the liquor store or to the 611 to pick up a trick and some drugs. On this day I began the process of getting straight. Don't remember much just felt hungover.

Day 2 Jan 13, 2004 Can't eat or sleep. The shakes have started, also projectile vomiting and the sweats/chills. Lasts all day and night. Feel like I'm going to die and sort of wish I could.

Day 3 Jan. 14, 2004 It's finally over-sort of. Still shaking but am able to get some chicken noodle soup for breakfast. Went of AA and really enjoyed it. After went with Don K. And friends to Luby's. Eleven people total. Slept for 4 hours last night and woke up with diarrhea. Went to bed and immediately got hives. Could it have been something I ate?

That's page 1. More to come.


Blogger doughgirl said...

Ahh those first few day of agonizing. That sick sick feeling in your stomach of life and death. Praying for death as surely it would be so much easier than surrendering..or so we thought.

That feeling of impending doom, to drink or not to drink. I remember it so well. The need to escape wether it be by drink, drug or death...anything to just not feel.

Thanks for sharing :)

12:35 AM  

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