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Friday, June 10, 2005

I'm Grateful

Today I’m Grateful for:

A beautiful sunrise on the way to work
That the clouds seem so close here in Texas
For ground fog on the fields
For my sponsor who never sleeps and is always there for me
That my dog understands when I’m in a hurry
Chris Isaac’s Heart Shaped World
That it’s Friday
That I’ve got a full schedule today and I’ll get it all done and not have to think about it anymore.
That I’m going back to the gym today, embarrassment and all.
That I have good, true friends here in AA and out there
And most important, I’m thankful that I’m grateful.


Blogger recoveryroad said...

Congrats on the 7 months. Apologies for the tardy greeting. Just saw it on DG's blog.


11:33 AM  
Blogger Scott W said...

FYI Queen Noor does sleep during the meetings. We missed you today!

1:45 PM  
Blogger doughgirl said...

Glad to see your grateful list :)

9:15 AM  

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