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Thursday, April 14, 2005

I like to cook.

Ask anybody who knows me. Ask my sponsor. He's getting a free meal tonight while I get the use of his washer and dryer. Fair exchange, I think. Hope he does too. My dad liked to cook. He always said he had to learn how once he married mom. My mom did cook but I don't know if she enjoyed it or not. I guess he's the reason I tried and eventually learned to enjoy it. I still remember my little sister being pissed at me for cooking all of the food that came with her Easy Bake Oven. This last year I'd been making a lot of bread from scratch. That was until my friend Toni gave me her never used bread maker. It's touch and go with that machine. I haven't quite mastered the art of getting the flavors and texture exactly the way I want them. I do (at the moment) have an overabundance of bread crumbs in the freezer. No use throwing it out if it's not too well shaped. Right? I've always thought that if it comes out too dense or hard you can always shellac it and use it for a door stop. I've recently thought I'd enjoy a job where I had to make dinner everynight of the week for a family of four. It's what I do now but it's just me and the dog and while he's willing to eat anything I wish to share it's not really good for him. I'm not sure I want to be a Nanny though. Wonder what will happen? I spoke to my mom recently and she said that she hated to cook and she was so glad she married Walt. Once he retired, she never had to cook again!


Blogger doughgirl said...

I loved to cook when I drank. Holiday time was my time to shine. I loved staying up all night preparing the food for the next day. Peeling, cutting, chopping, baking etc etc etc. Hitting the bed for 2 hours and getting up and starting all over again to make sure that every little thing was just perfect.
28 people in all I used to cook for. In two years time, my family fell apart from this disease. My cooking for 28 was down to cooking for my girls and fun when they love mac n cheese and pb&J.
So needless to say, I hardly every cook anymore. I dont think I will ever remarry, nope not a chance I'm willing to take (ugh see journal) so unless I take over a group home or start my own army, I guess Mac n cheese it is :)

6:36 PM  
Blogger dAAve said...

You could cook lunch for all of us each weekday. Come in to Lambda at about 9am and have it ready after the meeting. We have different appetites so you'll need a variety of entrees and side dishes. And oh, the desserts. The desserts.

Please allow Norris to pay for this.

8:54 PM  

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