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Monday, May 23, 2005

I Keep Seeing Signs

Signs that my HP is at work. Yesterday my friend Chris and I went to see his landlady whose in the hospital with terminal cancer. She's a sweetie and has always been nice to Max and I. I just wanted to let her know we were thinking about her. I took her a pic of Max and that's the only time she tear'd up. She loves my dog.
As Chris and I were getting on the elevator, this cute guy jumps in, all in a rush. He pushed the button for the eighth floor we took seven and that was it. As Chris and I were leaving, back down in the lobby, we saw him again and he did a double-take as we passed each other. Made my day. We rode the train to the car and then home.
Scott and dAAve asked me to coffee and so I went down to Hollywood (where I never go) for coffee with the guys. That cute guy was behind the counter and was my coffee server. I reminded him of our earlier encounter and we chatted for a while. Now remember, I live in Houston. It's only got a few million people running around and we were in the Medical Center which is a city within it's self. So is someone "up there" looking out for my love life too? Was it a coincidence? How many of those do we get a week? Coincidences I mean, not cute guy encounters. I guess I'll go back for coffee this week. Just have to wait and see what happens.


Blogger doughgirl said...

Hannen, Hannen, Hannen....

That is your HP testing You know that you cant have a relationship for a yr :)

11:12 AM  
Blogger Hannen said...

Who Says?! I actually haven't had a relationship in about 11 years. Why wait any longer?

2:41 PM  
Blogger Scott W said...


6:15 PM  
Blogger doughgirl said...

If you're in AA out there and they haven't told you to stay out of relationships for a yr...Im moving out there. I know three really great guys that would make great sponsors :)

Yes you ARE famous!! LOL

8:19 PM  
Blogger dAAve said...

Hooooray for Hollllly-wood !!!

8:37 PM  

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