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Saturday, February 18, 2006

So much happened yesterday, most of it good.

Got my new couch. I got a white one of these with a couch cover in dark green and khaki. I've been thinking about going back and getting the orange cover. Maybe next week. Whatever, it gives me the choice of different couches depending on my mood. Luxury.

I went to the clinic and got my results from the blood work from 6 weeks ago. My triglicerides dropped 45 points, my cholestrol 48 points and my weight 7 pounds. I did diet those 6 weeks and I did cheat once in awhile. The doctor was really impressed. I thought it should have dropped by 100 points but he said I should be proud of the 48. He really didn't expect me to do so well. I told him he just doesn't know me well, yet and that when I decide to do something I really put my all into it. I know I have to work on getting more fish in my diet. Twice a week seems like it would be hard but I'll try. So, good news, no new drugs yet. He's going to let me continue on my diet for another 3 months. Works for me!


Blogger Rex said...

Sofa looks comfy....glad things are going welll

3:52 AM  
Blogger FOOD & POKER FANATIC said...

I am SOOOOOO proud of your labs....excellent!! Keep up the good work! I know it isn't easy...

6:24 PM  

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