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Sunday, February 12, 2006

I've had such a great day.

Up early and invited Chris over for breakfast. We figured if we ate early enough we could still enjoy brunch later. I made buckwheat pancakes with ham inside, eggs and juice and coffee. Good way to start the day. He left, I showered and then Toni and Miriam picked me up and we went to brunch at Barnaby's. They didn't know there was one on West Gray. Then we drove around for an hour and looked for apartments in the neighborhood for me to rent. At noon we went to Reliant Center to the RV show. Interesting. I could live in one or two of those things. Some of them are bigger than the apartment I live in now. Then off to Ben & Jerry's for ice cream and now a nap would be really nice but I've got to get stuff together for work tomorrow. I'm going to try a new chicken quesidilla recipe I found on So it will be early to bed and early to rise and off to work for another week. Hope you have a good week. I'm still apartment hunting. Oh, the girls really seemed to like their Skybars.


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