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Monday, August 22, 2005

Errands and Adventure

It's Monday and most every Monday I take my friend Mike around on his errands. I get to do a few of my own, too. After I pick him and his little dog too, we'll do errands and then take his dog to a "dog whisperer". It's a last ditch effort for Mike as he's done everything he or I or the Vet can think of to rid his dog of his chewing his leg habits. He stops for as much as 9 months and then starts again. Poor Mike. We've discussed whether he's changed something in his care of his puppy or is the dog just going through a change of life or what! I'm interested to see if this works. I think it costs about $300 for the two 1 hour sessions. Worth it if it works. One of the main reasons I haven't moved from my apartment is because I have a yard and Max gets abandonment syndrome if I leave him in the house. Maybe someday I'll take Max in for some psycho? Therapy. I'll let you know what happens. Later.


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