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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Jobs I've Had

For some reason I sat down the other night and tried to think of all the jobs I've had over the last 40years. Wierd eh? It's just that I've done so many things and here I am, the first year I can remember not having to fill out an income tax form cause Ididn't work anywhere last year. So if your interested, here goes;
The 60's...Paperboy for themorning Pittsburgh Post Gazette. Mommie dearest helped alot when it rained.
.Mowed lawns and worked atKFC as a chicken cooker and was an usher for the oldPenn theater and worked at Troutman's in my Sr. year as a clerk in the men's dept...I think that's when I measured my first inseam.
1970's...not in chronilogical order...short-order cook, stockman stationary store, stockman electrical supply Co.,pipeline construction-1 day, carnival set up, taxidriver, usher movie theater at the Point, worked and managed two tropical fish and pet stores, buyer wholesale tropical fish Co., Buyer/Kaufmann's Dept.Store Pet Dept., Joskey's LA Bath and Bedding Dept.,Ceramic Plant LA, Pittsburgh Art Inst. Phone Sales,Holy Trinity Monastery Pressman, Dishwasher bed &Breakfast Chatam, Mass....
1980's & 90's...Teacher'sAsst. Day Care, Pix shoes Asst. Mgr., KindercareDirector, St. Luke's Episcopal Hospital busy in Printing, Copier Management, Records Management and Central Charting Depts., Kroger's Cashier, Ziggys Grill Asst. Mgr, Blockbuster Csr, Antone's Cashier,Bartender upper Bar VN, Bartender Missouri City GlassHat, Helper cleaning Serivce. That's all I can think of. Did I forget any that you remember.


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You're current job of staying sober is paying the best and most rewarding dividend. Even if you may not think so right now.

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