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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Wigs on Fire....The Chronicles

In 1987 I was living with my friend, Ken. We wanted to have a Halloween party and he came up with an idea for a theme, from a B 52's song. What's that on your head? It's a wig!! Anyway, we had a huge two bedroom apt. And knew we were getting new carpet shortly there after, Thank God!! I went through my files and I think I have the complete list of the parties we had in chronological order. Here goes:1987 Wigs on Fire1988 Hooray for Hollywigs1989 Wigs a Go Go1990 Star Wigs (science fiction)1991 Nightmare on Wig Street1992 Voo Doo Wigs (one of the other hosts did this one, we were too tired to produce anymore, but we all went)Honestly, you've never seen so much big hair. It was spectacular even for here in Texas. We always had donations for local food pantries and sometimes money to donate to Aids charities and so we had a great time, with a bit of work and still had something to give back to the community. One of my favorite memory's is of the Nightmare on Wig Street party. We had it in an old theater that didn't have any seats. Yes the floor was slanted which was interesting for those people in heels. I went as the Mummy that year and was almost completely unraveled by the end of the night, in more ways than one. My friend Harry Doe came as Carrie. He was pretty skinny by then thanks to the ravages of Aids. He wore a long white slip and bloody, stringy, light brown hair and little else. He carried a bucket on a rope with blood dripping out of it. (not real of course) and best of all, he spent hours melting plastic forks over the burners in his apt. to hand out at the party. Have to tell you by the end of the night you couldn't walk anywhere in that theater with out crunching down on a fork. He was a special guy and I miss him.Well, more to come, but I don't know what it will be...Later


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