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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Proud of my Blog

Not because I did anything special but because I keep on trying to master this whole new universe I've suddenly gotten myself into. Hence, the multitude of colors and font types, although I am fond of this font type. I've never been published before! I guess, back in the recesses of mind, I thought I should have been published by now. Who knew I'd find it on the Web? I always knew I had a book in me. YOU POOR PEOPLE! I've got to remember to keep that EGO in check. Who knows where that could lead. My younger brother, Lance, used to make up comic books starring all of his friends. I can't remember if I was in them or not but I know I should have been. If I had, I'm sure we could have sold them to Disney or somebody. LOL. You know, being the first born boy in a family of girls gave me a status I really didn't earn or deserve. Lord knows-they just got a gay boy! Luckily I didn't want to wear their shoes, etc., but I was still just one of the girls! I think Dad realized that pretty early on and did his best to deal or not deal with it. He came from a long family of religious zealots (no offense but they were Southern Baptist's) and he never spoke about religion in our house. Mom decided we needed to go to the North Street Christian Church of Christ, where her Mom still went and we did and it wasn't sooooo bad. My most intense memory of that place was when I was 15 or 16 and Martin Luther King was shot and killed and many of the elders were glad and said something to the effect that we should kill as many Niggers as we can. That's when I quit going to church. I was almost 16 and I've got to admit, my parents, while not the Saints your parents were, they never forced their opinions on us kids. We were able to make up our own minds about race, religion, whatever. I'm not sure now if that was a lack of knowledge on their part or a desire to let us become our own person. I don't know what they were thinking but my Mom's still alive and I think I'll ask her next email. I've noticed a lot of my family has selective memory when it comes to remembering the past. Or as my sponsor Norris or my therapist Kevil says, we each remember different things from each event in our lives. I guess we never really see eye to eye. This is so therapeutic for me. Hope you can stand it...LGJ


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