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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

The Good, The Bad and that was just my day.

I guess I'm going to use this Blog to vent a little too. The Good: I got to spend time with my friend Mike as we did his errands today. We had a nice time as we usually do. Last week we were at Best Buy and I saw a convection toaster oven that would really work well in my apt. And he offered to buy it for me and I'd pay him back later. Great! He even decided he wanted one for himself and so we asked about them and the guy says they don't have any in stock, don't do rainchecks for unadvertised merchandise and can't sell the one off the shelf. I was a little peeved but got over it. We checked with Customer Service and they said they had a shipment coming in on Wed. And would have them on the shelves by Friday. We figured OK and they'll still have some next Monday when go do errands again. We're we naive? Any way, I checked at Target' and they had the same kind at the same price and they were kind enough to put two away for us for today an noon. This was the Target' at S. Main and Kirby. Mike suggested we go to the one, not so far away up by the Galleria. Cool, we go, they have them but they're $10 more expensive. After checking at the counter it seems all Target's charge their own prices. We would have had to go all the way down to the Med Ctr and beyond to get them for the old price. But hey! We're only a few miles away from the original Best Buy from last week. We go there and they only have one in stock. They were kind enough to look and found 3 at the Best Buy in Sharpstown. They put those aside for us and off we go again. On the way there, the steel belt on my front left tire breaks and we're reduced to driving the frontage roads at 40 mph and the tire sounds loudly like baseball cards on my bicycle spokes. Also shakes a lot. We get there, we get them, we take Bissonnett and then Main and end up going right by the original Target' that was saving the ovens for us. Go figure. We both get home and I cook something in the sucker and it works!! Finally something that goes right. But hold on, the tale isn't over. Now for The Bad: I decide that even though I only have .12 cents in my checking account, I can still get a loan at Ace Express Cash and get my new tire, balanced and installed and have a little cash left over to see me through the month and so I take what I think I need with me and go to Ace. They say I do have everything except a current bank statement. Two weeks ago I signed up for electronic statements and no longer receive a paper copy. They said get a print out at the bank. I think the banks too far away and drive to the library and eventually get a print out there. Take it back to Ace and it doesn't count because it doesn't have my full account number on it. By now my brow is wrinkling, my head is starting to hurt and I'm getting really pissed off. I was rude to the guy and told him I didn't need the money that bad, so goodbye. One block later. Whap, Whap, Whap, I do need the money that bad so I go to the bank that's too far away and get the print out and go back and make amends (that's AA talking) and do the paper work and...........................................................................evidently back when I was drinking all the time, I got a loan and didn't pay it on time and I'm no longer eligible for a loan there. If the guy had just checked to make sure in the beginning I wouldn't have used all that expensive gas back and forth and back and forth. t And this isn't too ugly. Ah hell. I'm alive, I'm home and the GD toaster oven works. The car will get fixed in a few weeks and I do still have my bike and my friends if I need a ride. I have survived. Thanks for letting me vent. PS. I should have pics on here in the very near future.


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