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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Scott's Blog

I just finished reading my friend Scott's Blog. I've been meaning to do that for the past few days. He has a bit about his Afro and it made me think about when I had one. I was a Buyer at Kaufmann's Dept. Store in downtown Pittsburgh. I remember I got it permed and it was curly, tight and OK. It was no where as big as Scott's! When it started to grow out I had it done one more time and then one day I was standing outside the store, waiting for the bus and happened to glance in the store window. Did I mention it was snowing and very windy? I looked at my reflection and realized that my hair was standing straight up over my two bald spots and I looked ridiculous! The next day I went for a haircut and came out with the same cut I wear to this day. It was the right thing to do. Think of all the money I've saved on shampoo, conditioners and the electricity I've saved by not owning a hair dryer. Yes that's me, always worried about the environment. LOL


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