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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I was going to work early this morning but,

it's too foggy to even think about getting on Memorial with all those idiots that drive faster rather than slower when the weather gets bad. I'll wait for daylight.

I was just sitting here sipping my coffee when dance fever started. Either someone upstairs was practicing their dance steps or there was a fight going on. I heard the siren and thought, no, really. Suddenly the siren stopped just outside the front gate and there were the cops. Upstairs guy was out front talking to them. Hopefully he called them. I wouldn't have. I've been up since 5 am. so it wasn't waking me. I went to work for four hours yesterday and started to feel bad again and came home after buying some really good non-alcoholic cough medicine. Jeeze. Just one capful and no coughing for four hours. Seldom do you find something that works that good, right away.

Well, Houston City Council is getting ready to step on more of my smoker's rights. No surprise. I wish they'd concentrate more on clean air issues like big business instead of the poor people who can't fight city hall. I did email all of them with my wishes (what the heck) and asked if they drove SUV's and said there should be a law against them if they don't get good gas mileage and pollute the air I breath while I'm smoking. Maybe they'll see the irony.

Today I'm going to start taking half my usual dose of BP medicine. By Thursday, when I go to the Dr.'s I should know if that's working or not. I was supposed to go to this great, big, fabulous Fantasy Ball on Friday. I used to go all the time when I drank. I expected to go and stay for just an hour or so. That seems to be my limit to be around people who's main goal is to get plastered. It doesn't seem to bother me anymore that I don't drink but watching people get sloppy is not a pretty sight unless you happen to be doing it too. Ah well. No big deal. I've decided not to go because I'm still not feeling up to par. I was going to have a great costume though. I was going as Kinky Friedman. I can't think of a scarier costume in the whole wide world. (or person)


Blogger recoveryroad said...

Kinky Friedman would have been good and I'd have hassled dAAve for pics. :-D

Hope you feel better soon and the neighbours behave.


1:35 PM  

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