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Friday, July 21, 2006

They asked me and I delivered.

The CEO and the CFO showed up in my office last week and asked me to research and recommend a multi-functional color copier/fax/printer/scanner with email capabilities, etc. Heck I'd never even heard of one before. So, got on the internet and called a few companies, went out to their offices and saw a few demos and picked Ikon Office Solutions because their copier could fold paper. Got a price, gave it to the CFO who signed it today and we'll get the thing next week sometime. It will be really great once it's up and running and all the computer issues are worked out. They made me the administrator for the darn thing. So this morning I emailed the CFO and asked him what my job title is. Am I the Office Manager or Records Manager or the Office/Records Manager? I also told him I'd like another raise of $1.00 and that I want a flat screen monitor for my computer, just like everyone else has and I want business cards too. He said we'll talk about it on Monday but he didn't really see why there would be a problem. I think most of the people there make at least $10 and hour so what I'm asking for isn't unreasonable. It doesn't really matter to me either way. I'd never quit over $1.00 But you never know what will happen if you don't ask. And I do want to know what my title really is. I was hired as a file clerk and we've never changed my title. I'm way more that a file clerk and they know it! It's wonderful to work for a company who really appreciates what you do for them. I often hear "thank you" and "good job, Larry". That's something that not a lot of people hear on a regular basis at their jobs. I'm very grateful and I believe I owe it all to being sober. I don't think I'd be able to handle this job if I was still escaping by drinking. I'm one lucky guy.


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Great post. When I drank my world was unmanageable.

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