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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Remember my Post from August 16?

Well the next day I calmly called the landlord and told him if he needed to get in touch with me when the guys were going to work in my area all he had to do was call me at work and I'd come home and get the dog. I gave him the number. This morning I called and left a message about the large pipe in my apt. that is getting soft in places and oozing something. He called me back and started screaming at me over the phone. He said first thing was that nobody was allowed to call his people mother fuckers! That the yard wasn't my own personal dogpark and they wouldn't have to lock the gate if they don't want to! I remained calm and told him what I said in that post. He told me he didn't believe me! I told him I don't have to make up stories anymore since I'm sober and I'd told him the truth. He told me I could get rid of the dog or move. He didn't care and hung up on me. So, calmly, I came home from work, picked up Max and took him back to work with me. The guys evidently came sometime and fixed the pipe. It's been a long time since anyone called me a liar. That's what he did. You, my fellow bloggers, know I'd already posted about the incident on Aug. 16th. So, I'm not getting rid of the dog and I guess that means I'll have to move. I've been thinking about it a bit anyway. I just wasn't planning on moving till the new year. He didn't give me a time to move, so I'll play it by ear and try not to provoke any of them.

Ha! I was just telling Doughgirl this morning how much I liked my life right now. Everything was going fine. Well, I'll just consider this a bump in the road and keep on driving, sober. Remind me I said that....later this month.


Blogger doughgirl said...

AWWWW Larry ((hugs)) you cannot get rid of Max and Im quite sure that he doesn't want you to move. He was just being an arrogant ass, so screw

Stay there and keep smilin :)

4:12 PM  

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